Lady Gaga-Spoofin' Drag Queen to Charlie Crist: "You're a Homo"

You know what so many gays love? Lady Gaga! You know what most gays hate? Closeted politicians who vote against gay rights. These two passions have remained largely separate. Well, along comes drag queen Sherry Vine, who has never met a Lady Gaga video she didn't want to spoof, to set an anti-closet case Republican anthem to the tune of "Alejandro." It's basically like that Outrage documentary, but more fun to dance to.

"And when you vote against me / From the Capitol in D.C. / Can't you see that you create / A world of hate / Should feel ashamed / Should feel ashamed / You're a homo / No one to blame / No on to blame / You're a homo," Vine sings to the tune of Gaga's "Alejandro" as she points at pictures of Gov. Charlie Crist and other right-leaning politicians rumored to be gay.

Crist has long been hounded by rumors he's at least a switch hitter, though those rumors seem to have died down a bit now that he's running as an independent for Senate against even-more-right-leaning Republican Marco Rubio. Funny how that works, huh?

Warning: If you thought the original Gaga video was NSFW, this version probably is too.

[Wonkette: Selfless Drag Queen Teaches Republican Politicians Valuable Lesson About Honesty]

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