Ladies, Looking for a Sensitive Dude? Well Pompano Beach is Ranked America's Sensitive Man Capital

Ladies, are you sick of meeting South Beach douchebags who are about as emotionally numb as their nostrils after snorting a line? Tired of those Hialeah pigs who don't even consider your feelings when they're hollering at you from their '97 Nissans? Fed up with those Brickell pricks who think all it takes to impress you is a late model BMW, gelled hair and a snazzy stripped dress shirt? Well, take a trip up I-95 to Pompano Beach. According to dating site, it's home to America's greatest concentration of "sensitive men."

"Tender loving care from a guy who is highly aware of a woman's feeling and needs. So we here at rolled up our sleeves to reveal the nation's Top Ten Cities to Find a Sensitive Man," writes Chemistry. "Using our data based on the personality types of American singles, we were able to pinpoint the cities with the highest concentrations of softhearted men."

Pompano Beach came in number one with a bullet. Apparently it's full of guys who aren't afraid to cry during Twilight, or read you their tender poetry:

You make my heart beat faster than the horses at Pompano Park race track
However you chose to shine in life, babe, I'll always have your back
Your kisses are sweeter than an orange, an apple or even the most ripe peach
I'll always cherish you, my love, and when we meet here, in Pompano Beach
Sensitive men will genuinely enjoy playing with your cat (and they won't even make a lewd pussy joke!), always remember your birthday, and compliment you whenever you change your hair.

Maybe. We have no idea. It's probably best not to base your dating strategies on page view-bating listicles put out by online dating sites, but, you know, if you ever do find yourself in Pompano Beach for whatever reason, test out the waters and report back. You could also try out Sarasota. It came in sixth on the list.

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Kyle Munzenrieder