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Krop High Basketball Scandal: Where in the World Does Brian Delancy Live?

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So we finally reached Bernard Wright, the sketchy high school recruiter and legal guardian of disqualified-and-then-reinstated Dr. Michael Krop High guard Brian Delancy. This is what he had to say: "Don't you ever fucking call this number again. You're a fucking scum bag and if I ever fucking catch you near me, you're going to regret it. You better lose this fucking number."


Threatening phone calls are how reporters know they're getting warmer.

Coach Shakey Rodriguez's dream team did away with Carol City last night, as expected, and remains the favorite to win the state championship. But Krop's title will be tainted.

We're not referring to the immigration paperwork snafu. The real question, as we see it: Where the hell does Brian Delancy live?

His guardian Wright, according to public records, has lived in Hialeah for the last seven years, in the American High school zone. We pulled a 2008 traffic ticket he received for running his black Jaguar through a stop sign. Note the Hialeah address.

But according to digital records kept by the Miami-Dade Public School System, Delancy doesn't live with Wright. At the beginning of the season, Delancy's address was listed as 21110 Northeast 9th Avenue. That sure sounds like it would be in the school zone of Krop High, which is located on County Line Road near Aventura.

One problem: there's no such address. We checked it out ourselves. It confused the hell out of our GPS, but 9th Avenue just doesn't stretch that far North.

Amid the recent brouhaha, Delancy's address was apparently changed. It's now listed as 915 Northeast 213 Terrace, a convenient few blocks away from the school. We drove there too. It's a gated apartment complex, although Delancy hadn't listed an apartment number. The security guard at the gate helpfully informed us that no Delancys, or Bernard Wright, live there.

The Florida High School Athletic Association is stumped by the same question. "The interesting thing about that," the association's executive director Dr. Roger Dearing told us, "is that we tried to get the school to tell us where he lives under oath, and it took us asking three times. Finally, they said he lives primarily with his mother."

Wait-- doesn't his mom live in the Bahamas? "That's another good question," said Dearing. "Apparently, she was living here, but she moved to the Bahamas. All I can say is it's a good question."

When we told him of our other concerns, such as the non-existent addresses, Dearing just sighed. "Usually when there's smoke, there's fire," said Dearing. "There's something going on with this kid."

Sucks for North Miami and Carol City High Schools, and anybody else that gets knocked out before Krop is inevitably disqualified.

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