King of Diamonds Strippers Tip Drill and Skrawberry Crashed MSNBC's Morning Joe Today

Joe Scarborough's political news show came to South Beach this morning, and was crashed by two of Miami's most badass strippers and a presumed beef magnate.

We're loyal fans of King of Diamonds' top dancer Tip Drill, who topped our prestigious list of the ten best strippers under forty. We're less familiar with Skrawberry, but now she's on our radar. Both strippers, along with a fellow named BurgerBillionz who was swigging a bottle of Moet, were at Jerry's Deli at around 6 a.m. when Morning Joe was filmed there.

As tweeted by MSNBC's Lauren Skowronski, Mr. Billionz and Tip Drill posed for a photo with Politico's Mike Allen. (Click to enlarge.)

So what were these classy ladies up to before and after this foray into politics and broadcasting? Well, at 2 am, Skrawberry tweeted:

I like my men like a Porsche... Nice and black w/ a dick like a horse.

Around 7, Tip Drill wrote:

Aye me @BURGERBILLIONZ and @skraw_berry was on good morning America...n the producers loved and we famous!!!

Ah, close enough. An hour later, she updated the world as to her activities:

Fucking two bad bitches at the same damn time

Truly, she's our new favorite political correspondent. Same night:

Liv be having all the fine Mexican groupies ....n I would fuck them a with a nine inch dildo

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Gus Garcia-Roberts