Kimbo Slice's Path to Redemption Goes Through Reality TV

Former EliteXC super-hyped, superstar Kimbo Slice sunk his career and the organization after suffering a knockout in 62 seconds to an unknown. Apparently, the brawler wants his Mixed Martial Arts stardom and credibility back, and is set to regain it on reality television.

Slice has been announced as a cast member for the 10th season of UFC's Ultimate Fighter reality show.

During Slice's brief time in the spotlight, UFC president Dana White bragged that Kimbo Slice couldn't even win the reality show, let alone compete with his roster of real athletes.

So the announcement is a bit of a surprise. The two have apparently made up, and Slice appeared on a video on White's blog today claiming, "It's an opportunity for me to prove myself, being a mixed martial artist coming from the backyards, being a street fighter and all."

The Spike TV show flies contestants, all of whom have some professional MMA experience, off to Las Vegas where they fight and train and fight some more until a winner is declared. The 10th season, featuring all heavyweights, will debut September 16.

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