Kimbo Slice Headed to Japan

Kimbo Slice, like many stars before him, is retreating to Japan to milk out a little bit more money before his career quietly fades out. While there we imagine him shooting a commercial for some whiskey, appearing on a whackey game show, and then meeting the pretty but neglected wife of a young photographer who is left at the hotel while her husband is out snapping things with his camera. Kimbo and the young lady form a strong, platonic bond, but things get messy when the lil' miss finds out Kimbo had five strippers up in his hotel room the night before. Then as Kimbo is in a taxi on the way to the airport he spots the gal, leaps out of the cab, and whispers something secretive in her ear. What exactly? We may never know.

Actually, what exactly he's doing there may be a little bit lost in translation, as a translated report from a Japenese MMA blog is making the rounds. Apparently Kimbo is heading to Japan to meet and great fans on December 6th at a K-1 Show (a grapple free league), he'll then be making his in-ring Japanese debut sometime in March  vs. current K-1 heavyweight champ, Badr Hari.

Shortly after EliteXC folded, promoter Gary Shaw predicted that Kimbo may end up in Japan.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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