Killian High Stabbing Suspect Sued Former School Over Football Player Rape Allegations

Yesterday, a 15-year-old football player at Miami Killian Senior High wound up in the hospital after he was stabbed in the school's cafeteria. The suspect: a 17-year-old female classmate. The victim is recovering from surgery at Nicklaus Children's Hospital to repair a pierced lung and artery and is in stable condition, while the suspect is being held in juvenile jail. Police have not confirmed many other details about the shocking case. 

However, it turns out this is not the first time the suspect has made local news headlines. Local 10 confirms that the suspect is the same girl at the center of a lawsuit against USA Charter and Keys Gate High following an alleged rape on campus at the hands of two football players. 

The lawsuit was filed against the charter school this past November by prominent sexual abuse attorney Jeffrey Herman. The suit claims that in 2014, the girl was dragged from a bathroom at the school and taken to a dean's office, where she was raped by two members of the school's football team. The suit claims the school did little to prevent the rape or to investigate the girl's claims. 

The suit details the alleged assault in graphic detail: 
On or about April 15, 2014, JANE [Doe, the victim] was using the restroom at KEYS GATE CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL in between her classes. R.G. [one of the football players] entered the restroom and yelled JANE’s name. R.G. then opened JANE’s stall door, grabbed her by the arm and demanded sex. R.G. pulled JANE out of the bathroom and into the hallway. T.F. [the other player] met R.G. and JANE in the hallway.

· T.F. told R.G. that he was going to retrieve the keys to CHARTER SCHOOL Dean of Students Jamaal Fairley’s office from Jamaal Fairley himself. While he was waiting for T.F. to return, R.G. took JANE to the boys’ locker room, where he pulled out his penis and forced it into JANE’S mouth.

· T.F. returned with the keys to Jamaal Fairley’s office and the two boys brought JANE to the office, where the boys took turns receiving oral sex. R.G. and T.F. attempted to choke Jane by pushing their penises as far into her mouth as possible. R.G. and T.F. each ejaculated into Jane’s mouth.

· R.G. and T.F. threatened JANE not to tell anyone about the incident or they would sexually assault her again.
The incident was never confirmed by police, and no charges were filed. The girl's mother told media at the time that her daughter had not acted the same since the alleged incident and was suffering from depression.

It appears now that the same girl was transferred to Killian High, where she stabbed the victim Tuesday. The victim's father, meanwhile, told Local 10 that his son did not know the girl before the incident other than sharing one class together. 

In addition to the knife she used in the attack, police found two kitchen knives and a large fork in the girl's bookbag. She was charged with attempted felony murder and possession of a weapon on school grounds. A judge ordered the girl to remain in juvenile jail for the next 21 days while prosecutors decide whether to charge her as a juvenile or an adult. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder