Killer Leaves Man Dead With Ear and Nose Cut Off

Janiel M. Perez, 26, is charged with murdering a man over the weekend. The victim was found Saturday at 650 SW 65th Ave. with multiple stab wounds, a knife sticking out of his neck, and his left ear and nose hacked by the hands of his killer.

Perez was also found on the scene with blood on his hands and his bloody footprints tracked throughout the house. According to Local 10, he told police: "I killed him." Asked whom he had killed, he said, "I killed the cook." The victim's identity and details about his relationship to Perez have not been released. Perez has been charged with first-degree murder. [JustNews]

If it bleeds, it leads:

  • Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman wants a review of the fire department's response to calls after a young boy drowned in Oleta River State Park. Owing to regulations, an ambulance sitting right across the street could not respond to the emergency. [JustNews]
  • A man and a woman were shot near NE 175th Street and Sixth Avenue. The victims are in critical condition while police hunt for the gunman. [WSVN]
  • The windows of a mattress store in Miami were shot up by gunfire. No one was injured, but police are searching for suspects. [WSVN]

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