Kenny Stills Dropped a Sure Touchdown in First Brutal Dolphins Loss of Year

In the first quarter of yesterday's Dolphins loss to the Seahawks, Ryan Tannehill let loose a bomb in the general direction of a wide-open, streaking Kenny Stills. Nothing but green grass stood between Stills and a touchdown. Dolphins fans everywhere stood in expectation of a huge momentum-shifting play. There was only one thing Still had to do to give the Fins a 10-3 lead and an amazing start to the new NFL season: catch the ball. 

He did not do that thing. Nope, not even close. Definitely did not catch it. 

Stills dropping what might have been the nicest pass of Tannehill's NFL career was one of many missed opportunities for the Dolphins in a game they had every chance of winning but eventually lost 12-10 after a late Seahawks touchdown. Once again, the Dolphins found new and exciting ways to disappoint us. At this point, it's on us for expecting anything more. 

Twitter, as you might expect, did not exactly react favorably to Stills leaving seven much-needed points rolling around on the ten-yard line. 

Yup, the Dolphins are back. 

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