We've been criticizing ol' Jebby Bush for positioning his possible run for Senate as an end to the problems of the GOP, and not the end to the problems of America and Florida. Well, along comes Broward Congressman Kendrick Meek, who told the AP that indeed he is considering running for the Senate seat in 2010, and says exactly what we want to hear. 

Kendrick Meek Interested in Senate Seat

"I don't think Floridians are looking for that. They're looking for a U.S. senator to help them with their everyday lives," Meek said. "I wouldn't run to be the flag bearer, running with the flag of the Democratic Party. I would be running for Floridians."

Meek and supporters take a few more swipes at Bush through the article. Of course Meek and Bush famously have clashed before over Florida's Class Size amendment and affirmative action while Meek was in the Florida Senate. 

He's the first Democrat to publicly affirm that he's interested in the race, but is he the best choice? 

Meek certainly doesn't have the name recognition as Bush, but then again who does? But he also doesn't have the State-wide fundraising clout, or experience winning contested elections. He won his House Seat unopposed in 2002 when his mother retired from the same position (yay! Bush v Meek! All nepotism match up!), and hasn't faced any serious challenge since. Will he be able to topple a well funded opponent who will certainly recruit some of his party's best political operatives in his first big dance? 

I like the guy's record though, for the most part. So it'd be a shame for him to give up his House seat just to loose the Senate race. 

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