Karl Rove Reduced to Arguing with UM Kids

Karl Rove used to have this gig scaring people into voting Republican and running whatever parts of the government Dick Cheney didn't. Now he's reduced to Twittering and arguing with college students. Sad, really.

Rove stopped by the University of Miami last Thursday and got a taste of what life will be like for anyone connected to the Bush administration who dares address a mixed political audience. Basically, there will always be someone in the crowd ready to match wits with you.

According the the Miami Hurricane, Rove met his foe in Corey Ciorciari, a UM senior and Obama campaign intern. Ciorciari brought up Rove's "fear and deception" tactics, and Rove called him "cynical and callous." To be fair, though, about 99 percent of political operatives have no problem using fear and deception, and most college kids are cynical and callous, so the argument amounted to the grass calling the sky blue, and the sky coming back with, "Oh yeah, well, you're green."

Rove also spent time bashing Obama's decision to close Gitmo, opining on how 9/11 changed Bush forever, and apparently found a fan in a UM junior who told the Hurricane: "To see him in the flesh was great." Rove in the flesh -- gag

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