Kanye West is here to back up Donald Trump on his "hero's journey."EXPAND
Kanye West is here to back up Donald Trump on his "hero's journey."
Photos: Ron Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons/Trump via Wikimedia Commons

Kanye Becomes Trump's Sambo

Kanye West’s meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office this past Thursday only made me feel sorry for the rapper. He sounded like he needs psychiatric help.

During a rambling, ten-minute speech, West said that he could relate to Trump’s “male energy” and that the president is ”on a hero's journey right now, and he might not have expected to have a crazy motherfucker like Kanye West."

It’s clear that the president, along with the Kardashian family, has made West into a Sambo who does the master’s bidding. His wife and her family chew people up, spit them out, and then move on to the next celebrity. Look what they've done to Caitlyn Jenner.

The good news is that this circus, held just a few weeks before the midterm elections, will not have any effect on the black vote or the hip-hop party. Kanye is a cartoon to most.

The bad news is that the people who put Barack Obama over the top are not energized before the November 5 vote. It’s still possible that the hip-hop party will show up at the polls, but if candidates want to get its members energized, they need to speak in a language that black people want to hear. They need to place ads on black radio and TV stations, and they need to fight back aggressively.

Candidates such as Florida gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Gillum must battle false claims made against them. Gillum's opponent, Ron DeSantis, has told scores of downright lies about him. Gillum should stop being so nice. He needs to be respected.

If Gillum and others don’t get aggressive and spend their money with black media, the Democratic Party will lose again.

Kanye's appearance in the Oval Office was a sideshow. His family should get him help. But the bigger message of the stunt is that Democrats need to get moving. If they don’t very soon, it will be too late.

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