Justin Timberlake and Chris Bosh Bet on Lakers-Heat Christmas Game

Justin Timberlake made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno earlier this week to promote his new film Social Network. The conversation eventually turned to the NBA, where Timberlake proclaimed his beloved L.A. Lakers would pull off the Three-Peat this year. Leno then asked about how the Lakers would fare against the Miami Heat in their Christmas Day showdown. Timberlake said the Lakers would win, Leno asked him if he'd care to wager on it, Timberlake said yes, Leno brought out Chris Bosh. And then the light-hearted shenanigans commenced!

Basically, the bet consists of Bosh hanging a picture of a screaming Pau Gasol in his locker should the Heat lose and Timberlake having to wear a Bosh jersey to bed (um, huh?) should the Lakers go down. Win or lose Timberlake gets a free autographed Chris Bosh jersey out of this, so he basically wins either way.

When Leno asked Bosh if he's a fan of Justin's he replied, "Sure, I'm a big fan of Justin Beiber," much to the audience's delight.

For his part, Timberlake attempted a comeback making a reference to Bosh's new teammate LeBron James and his ill-fated The Decision special.... and failed epically.

"We heard (LeBron) was going to be on Kimmel," Timberlake says. "Then we heard he was going to be on Fallon, then he said he was going to be on Leno. But then he couldn't decide, so maybe he was going to..."

Timberlake's joke was then interrupted by groans from the audience. How spectacularly shitty a joke do you have to make to get a Jay Leno audience to drown out the punchline with boos?

Anyway, you can watch the video below. Leno and Timberlake begin talking about the Lakers at the 3:30 mark, Bosh makes his entrance at the 4:37 mark. And then the conversation inexplicably ends abruptly and you have to click on the second video clip. YouTube is frightening and confusing!

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Chris Joseph