Justin Bieber: "We Were Smoking All Night at the Studio" Before South Beach Arrest

Justin Bieber just can't pull off being a bad boy.

According to newly released police reports, Bieber told cops shortly after his arrest that "We were smoking all night at the studio." He also had trouble taking a breathalyzer, admitted that his mom was in charge of his prescription meds, and told officers that he had a torn meniscus in his knee.

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Bieber pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of DUI, driving with a suspended license, and resisting arrest stemming from his Pine Tree Drive drag racing stunt last Thursday.

According to toxicology reports first obtained by CBS, however, Bieber had both Xanax and marijuana in his blood at the time of his arrest.

The reports say Bieber failed field sobriety tests and smelled of pot and alcohol but only blew a .014 on the insanely named "Intoxilyzer 8000."

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In a remarkably accurate profile of the pop star, cops checked off the following boxes on the Biebs's DUI repot: "excited, talkative, profanity, cooperative, insulting, and cocky."

On the way to the station, one cop told Bieber that he "reeked of marijuana," to which the 19-year-old replied, "Yeah, we were smoking all night at the studio," according to the report.

Bieber's cooperation with cops ended, however, when he refused to be questioned without his lawyer present.

Cops took Bieber to the station before putting him through field sobriety tests, according to the report. Critics have accused Bieber of receiving special treatment.

Overall, the reports read like a glimpse of any normal teenager's life, just with million-dollar convertibles and media scrutiny.

In an "interview" section of the report, Biebs lists his last meal as "chicken fingers" and his activity prior to arrest as "skateboarding & p/u Ferrari." He even lists his allergies as "cats and pollen."

Oh, Bieber. Go home to Canada and have your mom make you some chicken noodle and Xanax soup already.

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