Julio Robaina Spent $900,000 For 60,240 Votes And Other Election Night Numerical Revelations

Hey, it sucks to lose, but Luther Campbell has nothing to be ashamed of. With only 45 days to court voters with a $12,000 campaign war chest, the former 2 Live Crew front man and current New Times columnist convinced 20,000 Miami-Dade voters he was the right man for the job. In a summertime special election during an off election year and with only 15 percent of the county's voters casting their ballots, that's pretty damn good.

So good Campbell is already being courted for an endorsement by the two Cuban Americans in the run-off, Carlos Gimenez and Julio Robaina. For now, Campbell told a crowd of supporters last night that he has not decided if he wants to do that, noting he will consider running again in 2012.

Here is the breakdown for how much each of the top four candidates spent per vote based on their most recent campaign finance reports:

  • Julio Robaina spent $907,623 to get 64,240 votes, or $14 per vote.
  • Carlos Gimenez spent $380,000 for 54,921 votes, or $7 per vote.
  • Marcelo Llorente spent $238,953 for 26,238 votes, or $9 per vote.
  • Luther Campbell spent $6,980 for 20,922 votes, or $0.33 per vote.

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