Judge Keeps Results Of Commission Race Secret Thanks to Banned Banker Ricardo Corona

Want to know who will replace mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez on the County Commission? Too bad! The results will be secret thanks to a bizarre ruling last night by a judge who wants more time to decide whether candidates had enough time to file for the race.

Even stranger is the would-be candidate who sued to stop the election: Ricardo Corona, attorney, Spanish-language TV personality -- and disgraced banker banned from the profession by the FTC.

Late last night, the Miami Herald reports, Circuit Judge William Thomas ordered the Election Commission not to release results in the District 7 race, which pits ex-state Rep. Julio Robaina against former Miami Mayor Xavier "Mayor Loco" Suarez.

Corona tried to throw his name in the hat as well, but when he filed to run two minutes before a deadline on April 14, he screwed up a financial disclosure form. By the time he'd corrected it, he'd missed the deadline and was left off the ballot.

Thomas wants time to decide whether the commission was unfair in giving potential candidates barely a day to meet a filing deadline, so he ordered the Robaina vs. Suarez results kept secret in the meantime.

We wrote about Corona a couple years back when he made a bid for circuit court judge.

Along with his father and brother, he was banned from the banking industry in 1986 over allegations that his family bank -- Sunshine State Bank -- had made millions in shady loans and taken start up cash from a drug smuggler.

Corona lost that race for judge, and then reinvented himself as an advice-dispensing program host on Mega TV.

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