Jose Canseco's Twin Switcheroo Gets the Crazy Taiwanese Animated Treatment

Thanks to a strange twist of modern tabloid physics, modern-day D-list celebrity scandals and weird news stories don't technically exist until they've been re-interpreted in CGI by the borderline insane Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation. Thankfully, we can now officially acknowledge that Jose Canseco indeed swapped out his twin, Ozzie, for a celebrity fight alongside Michael Lohan at a Hollywood casino last week. Whew!

In the animated take on Canseco's boxing scandal, Jose juices his muscles with a bicycle pump, Ozzie takes a break from a fast food career to pose as Jose at autograph sessions and A-Rod, uh, hits off a tee balanced on Madonna's boobs?

Honestly, this video makes about as much sense as the scandal did in the fist place:

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