Jose Canseco Tweeted His Ex's Phone Number, So We're Giving You His

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Jose Canseco isn't sorry he published his ex-girlfriend's telephone number on Twitter Friday night. He told us he'd do it again.

We spoke with his ex, Leila Shennib, a fitness model. She said she's been getting so many calls and texts offering to trade drugs for sex that Verizon has called to ask why the sudden spike in activity.

So we called Canseco, the roided-out six-time Major League all-star ​who grew up in Miami, and told him we were publishing his number.

"Don't be so ignorant," he told Riptide Tuesday night. "I will republish hers and say it's courtesy of you."

But because his girlfriend's digits are already all over the Internet (and she says she's changing it anyway), we don't see any harm in passing his along. It should be noted early and emphatically that she had absolutely nothing to do with this idea and repeatedly declined to give us any contact information for Canseco.

The conversation with Canseco began because we wanted to give him a chance to comment about an article to be published on Riptide Wednesday. In it, Shennib describes, exclusively to Miami New Times, her relationship with Canseco and how the weekend Twitter debacle has affected her.

Canseco politely declined to comment, saying it was "personal between her and I." We suggested it wasn't quite personal because he'd involved the entire Internet when he tweeted her number (since deleted), but he said it was still personal because "there are no details in that," meaning the tweets.

To give you an idea of what Canseco considers "no details," he tweeted Friday night that a "Little secret about leila shennib just offer her pot and she's an easy lay." No details indeed, Jose. But we said OK and thanked him for his time.

Then he called back ten minutes later. He wanted to comment now.

"I can tell you right now she's an absolute liar," he said. "She's lying just like Major League Baseball lied about me and my brother."

After a series of hangups and calls back, we eventually got to ask him why he tweeted her number in the first place.

"Well, it's part of the comment when I said I'd never forgive or forget what she said. I wanted people to call her and ask her about what she's said and what she did," Canseco said. "I had a reason. What's your reason?"

We said we were pretty much using the same logic.

"You obviously have something personal about this," he said. Then he told us we were "just a young little boy" and a "piece of shit and you know it," which is ironically the same thing he said Shennib called him that got him so upset.

Piece of shittedness aside, we stand by our reasons. He tweeted Leila Shennib's phone number because he wanted people to call and ask her about her actions, and now it's his turn to answer for his.

Jose Canseco's cell phone number is 818-903-6598.

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