Jonathan Alonso, Charged With Grisly South Beach Murder, Tells Court He Is "God's Will"

Jonathan Alexander Alonso has been charged with the murder of his older lover, 61-year-old Lou Piper. Appearing in bond court this morning, the 30-year-old went on a bizarre rant in which he claimed he was "God's will." 

Police found Piper's body Wednesday inside his Sunset Harbour apartment after co-workers reported he hadn't shown up for work in days. His body was in a state of advanced decomposition, and police believe he had been dead for at least four or five days. 

Stab wounds riddled his body, and blood covered the floor and walls of the bathroom in which he was found. Bloody footprints tracked to the bedroom. Several bloody knives were also found in the home. 

Police arrested Alonso two days later. The pair had lived together for more than a year, and neighbors say the two were romantically involved. However, police had been called to the apartment on multiple occasions, and in September, Piper tried to have Alonso evicted. Piper also claimed he had been the victim of repeated incidents of domestic violence. 

Alonso now faces charges of first-degree murder. 

“You need to make whatever decisions you need to work between yourselves. You work it out between your own selves. I am selfless, and I am God’s will, and that’s all I follow,” he told a judge in bond court this morning, according to CBS Miami. “So you work out between your own selves, because you’re the ones being watched.”

His microphone was eventually turned off. 

Miami Beach Police say Alonso has not been cooperative or forthcoming. He even disassembled recording devices in the interrogation room when he was originally questioned. For that stunt, he was charged with criminal mischief. 

He was not granted bond. 

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