Jon Stewart's Best Daily Show Digs at Florida

Jon Stewart's Best Daily Show Digs at Florida

The final Daily Show With Jon Stewart airs tonight, and during his 16 years on the program, he's had a huge effect on the American media and psyche. In fact, the man may have done more than anyone else in comedy or the media to help turn Florida into a punchline. He's tried to get us kicked out of the country, dubbed us the "Punchline State," and gone on numerous rants against our beloved homeland. 

Then again, who can blame him? The first election he covered was in 2000. We understand why he might hold a grudge, and really, we're still sorry for that. Let's revisit his best Florida jabs. 

The time he totally ripped into Florida — right before interviewing Marco Rubio.

"You live in a giant cockroach-choking, hazard-infested, Hooters-dining, reptile-abusing, Everglades-draining, election-ruining, stripper-motorboating, ball-sweat-scented, genitalia-shaped, 24-hour mugshot factory," Stewart quipped. 

The time Stewart took absolute glee in the fact that pollsters predicted (correctly) that the 2012 election would not hinge on Florida's vote. 

"For once, Florida's clusterfuck is irrelevant," Stewart said. "It's like hearing, 'Good news, America — the tumor on your dong is benign.'"

The time he warned us how crazy "Stand Your Ground" would be way back in 2005. 

The time in 2002 when he dubbed Florida the "Punchline State," long before everyone else was making fun of us.

The time he tried to kick us out of the union.

"I'm not saying you didn't try hard, and there's a good chance you could catch on with South America." 

One time he sent Stephen Colbert to Miami to report on Florida during the 2004 election.

There was the time he took on a story by lil' ol' Miami New Times.

Remember when anti-gay activist George Rekers was caught touring Europe with a male prostitute he hired on RentBoy.com? Stewart dubbed it a "European Gaycation." Skip to the 7:00 mark. 

And, of course, here's a classic clip from the 2000 recount debate.

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