John Errol Ferguson Will Be Executed Despite The Fact That He's Completely Insane

No one denies that John Errol Ferguson is insane. Ferguson's been having psychotic visions for more than four decades, and for years has firmly believed that he's the "Prince of God" who will ascend directly to the right hand of God when he dies. The last judge to consider his case conceded that he's a "diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic" who truly believes he's Jesus.

None of that is enough to stop Ferguson's execution for a brutal series of murders in the 1970s. The Florida Supreme Court upheld his execution order last night. Ferguson's lawyers will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to step in.

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The Florida Supremes, considering a decision by Circuit Judge David Glant to uphold an death warrant signed by Gov. Rick Scott, found "competent, substantial evidence" that Ferguson understands why he's going to be executed.

There's little question that based on his crimes, Ferguson has earned what's coming his way. In the late 1970s, Ferguson murdered eight people -- six during a home invasion robbery, plus a teenage Hialeah couple in a brutal rape-murder case.

Yet, as Fred Grimm spelled out in the Miami Herald this weekend, Ferguson never should have been out and about committing crimes. 

Medical records going back forty years show Ferguson getting more than 40 diagnoses as suffering from severe, dangerous mental illness. Here's what one doctor wrote in 1975, a few years before the crime spree: 

"He has a long-standing, severe illness which will most likely require long-term inpatient hospitalization. This man is dangerous and cannot be released under any circumstances.

Even Glant, the judge who considered Ferguson's last appeal, acknowledges that the guy is whacked out of his mind and legitimately believes he is the "Prince of God." But that's not reason enough to halt his execution, the judge ruled.

The Florida Supreme Court has upheld that ruling. Ferguson's execution is still on hold while his last appeal to the U.S. high court goes through.

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