Jim Stork tells Bible Thumping Hispanics, Lazy Gays, and Disappointing African-Americans to Kiss His Ass

Former Wilton Manors Mayor Jim Stork made an aborted bid to run for Congress in Florida District 22 back in 2004. Some stupid things about ads he ran in some bakeries he owns recently got him fined by the FEC, and

The Herald

wrote it up. Stork

wrote a letter to them

, initially about the fine, but then went on a crazy tirade against people who voted for Amendment 2 (For some reason Naked Politics doesn't clarify this, but it should be noted Stork is openly gay). 

"I have no more tolerance for those who voted for Amendment 2 or those who want to take my rights away ... which includes dumb rednecks, bible thumping white folks, bible thumping Hispanics, self-centered educated people who are so self absorbed that they don't bother to look into an issue, lazy gay people who don't get involved or are too weak to come out of the closet, and am now most disappointed in African Americans who should be the least likely group of folks to judge others, but are the ones who judge others the most ... all of these folks can kiss my a[ss].''

A letter like that will probably put an end to any further political ambition, but may we suggest a career in blogging? He's really got this whole hating rednecks things down.  

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