Jim Greer Thinks Obama's School Speech Is Pretty Good After All

Back in my school days, when the president spoke, we listened (or at least pretended to). This was, of course, after walking 15 miles in the snow, uphill, to school. Nowadays, whippersnappers think they can just stay home from school because the president wants to address them. What in hell is wrong with these kids? 

Oh, wait -- it's their idiot parents. RPOF Chair Jim Greer set off a firestorm last week by claiming Obama was trying to indoctrinate the nation's children with socialism. It was a pretty laughable attempt to appeal to the right-wingers, but because we're barely out of cucumber season, it took hold in the media.

So the White House released the text of the speech yesterday, and what does Greer have to say

"It's a good speech. It encourages kids to stay in school and the importance of education."

Which is what any sane person knew it was going to be about in the first place. Too bad his damage is done, because the idiots at Miami-Dade County Public Schools will not mass-broadcast the speech, despite the fact that, with the county's high dropout rate, many students might benefit from hearing the message. 

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