Jim Greer Still Beating His "Obama Is Indoctrinating Kids" Dead Horse
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Jim Greer Still Beating His "Obama Is Indoctrinating Kids" Dead Horse

For reasons we can't quite comprehend, Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer just released another statement about kids being indoctrinated to praise Obama by citing a YouTube video. This after he made headlines for basically calling the president's address to schoolchildren socialist propaganda and then admitting the speech was actually good.

It's kind of like someone issuing a news release titled "Sky Is Actually Green," and then, after being categorically humbled and admitting the sky is in fact blue, issuing another news release weeks later citing the phenomenon of green flash to prove he was not totally wrong.

"The clear political indoctrination demonstrated in this video is precisely why I felt it was important to sound the alarm regarding President Obama's address to students and to bring awareness to Florida's families about what is going on in their children's public schools," read the statement.

We're assuming Greer is talking about this video shot into the blogosphere today after a link from the Drudge Report.

"My intent is not to blame the president or his administration for what may be an isolated event that occurred months before the president's address to students, but to further demonstrate why parents must be made aware of this type of clearly political activity taking place in our nation's schools," continued Greer's statement.

The thing is, the video was taken in a New Jersey school months ago for Black History Month. Why Florida parents should be concerned, we're not entirely sure.

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