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Jim Greer Goes on Anti-Socialist Indoctrination Media Tour

Riptide was one of the first outlets to jump on Jim Greer's "Obama wants to indoctrinate your children into socialism" rant, and since then, it's gone national. Last night, Greer hit up MSNBC's Hardball, CNN, Fox, and the NBC Nightly News to spread his message. 

Greer is under fire from the conservative wing of his party for playing too close to the middle and giving the appearance of shutting out National Review cover boy Marco Rubio in the Senate primary. We read his message as a pretty blatant attempt to make nice with wingnuts by playing their rhetoric games. 

In the clip above from Hardball, Greer doesn't do a good job of playing wingnut on television; the strong-worded nonsense he signed his name to doesn't match the message he's giving on the air. In fact, he admits to Chris Matthews he didn't actually write the letter, but did review it and dictate its content. 

Liberal-leaning Matthews came away impressed, but one of his more conservative MSNBC co-workers was much less so. 

Joe Scarborough, a former congressman from Florida, had not-so-nice words for Greer on his Twitter

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