Jesus Quits

When we read that Miami Herald publisher Jes�s Diaz resigned this morning, at first we thought he moved too quickly. The guy goes off half-cocked more than one of those cheap exploding Korean pistols.

Almost immediately after taking over the newspaper 14 months ago, he fired columnist Jim DeFede for improperly taping a conversation with Miami City Commissioner Art Teele. When the state attorney declined to prosecute DeFede and hundreds of journalists signed a petition demanding his reinstatement, that turned out badly.

Then he went after Olga Connor, Pablo Alfonso, and Wilfredo Cancio Isla because they took money from Radio Marti. That one turned out horribly, too, when Jes�s Too Bad discovered that six other periodistas had worked with Radio Marti and its cohorts, at least a few with permission from their bosses.

So he granted the fired El Nuevo folks amnesty. Cool.

But what about DeFede?

"Everyone got amnesty but me," he says.

"So are you going to ask for your job back?" I asked him

"It's not up to me to ask. That's their responsibility."

"You happy about the resignation?"

If only it would have happened 14 months ago. His two big decisions were firng me and firing the journalists. He was in over his head....and so he made knee-jerk decisions. Doing things too quickly is a sign of arrogance, and Jesus is arrogant.

DeFede crowed all morning on his radio show about the resignation.-Chuck Strouse

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.