Jervon A. Smith, South Florida's Creepiest Pastor, Does Not Like Being Called That

More than a year ago, we dubbed Jervon A. Smith "South Florida's creepiest pastor". Ever since then, he's been calling us frantically, at one point threatening litigation, trying to get us to rescind that title.

A taste, from yesterday's phone conversation with Smith: "Come on Gus-- the creepiest pastor in all of South Florida? All of South Florida? Really? Come on now! That makes it sound like I molested little boys or something."

For the record, Jervon A. Smith, Opa-Locka minister, has never been accused of molesting little boys. This is what he's been accused of in the public record:

  • Posing as a detective-- using a badge from a past security guard gig at Florida Memorial University-- in order to pick up chicks.
  • Stalking an ex-girlfriend, puncturing her car's tires, smacking her at her workplace, stealing her cell phone, and telling her: "Bitch, you going to be pushing daisies."
  • Smashing face of said ex-girlfriend with boot against concrete in a daylight attack. There was a judgment of guilt but adjudication was withheld. Smith was sentenced to 270 days in jail.
  • Having a restraining order filed against him by another woman and then being convicted of making threatening phone calls.

See, all that shit is extremely creepy, Jervon, and you call yourself a pastor. Hence: South Florida's creepiest pastor.

But yesterday, Smith insisted that we correct our previous article by pointing out that at the time of all the creepy shit, he was not a pastor: "Yeah I did that. Yeah, I made some mistakes. But I'm a new person and God saved me."

Let the record show that this new, pastor-y Jervon A. Smith filed incorporation documents for Truth in the Word Ministries in January 2006. He was charged with those threatening phone calls-- of which he was later convicted, remember-- in May of that year.

The title stays, until Smith brings us the tale of an even creepier South Florida pastor.

Smith said he was praying for us, which we asked him please not to do. And yes, we fully expect to be phone-stalked like an ex-girlfriend after publishing this update.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts