Jersey Shore's Situation Sues His Own Father in Miami Court

After the end of season two of Jersey Shore we never thought we thought we'd be done with everyone's favorite guidos and guidettes. Despite a few brushes with the law they even managed to complete their tour of 305 duty with out clogging up our legal system. Well, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has had his lawyer return to Miami-Dade, and they've filed a lawsuit against Sorrentino's own father.

In a dramatic bit of reality that topped anything that actually happened in the Miami Beach season, Sorrentino's father, Frank Sorrentino, recently released a scathing YouTube video attack on his own son. The elder Sorrentino claims that in his sons pursuit of fame he's totally ignored his father, and refuses to help him out financially. He started calling himself "the confrontation" and declared "fuck the little fuck."

Frank even started a website in his very public attack on his son.

TMZ reports that Mike's lawyers have now filed suit against Frank in a Miami court:

According to the suit filed Monday in federal court in Miami ... Mike Sorrentino claims his pop, Frank Sorrentino, is illegally using his name and likeness all over his website, TheConfrontationSite.com.

Mike also insists his dad is actively trying to damage his business reputation -- by posting anti-Situation videos and statements all over the site.

Mike wants his father to stop using his name and likeness, and is seeking unspecified damages.

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