Jermaine Dupri Claims Miami Beach Police Are Profiling Celebrities

Like Justin Bieber, producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri was pulled over by Miami Beach police after a night out partying recently. Unlike Justin Bieber, though, he walked free.

Dupri doesn't think though that both stars' trouble with cops on the island were a coincidence. He told TMZ he thinks that beach cops are intentionally profiling celebrities.

Dupri was pulled over on December 27th in a blank Lincoln Navigator he was riding in with friends. Police claimed they smelt the scent of marijuana, and eventually five police units and a K-9 unit were called in. After an exhaustive search, they only found a single Xanax pill on Dupri's DJ friend. As it turned out, he actually had a prescription for the pill, and after another friend retrieved the script, everyone was let go.

Dupri thinks that both his detention and Bieber's arrest are part of a trend of celebrity profiling.

From TMZ:

Justin Bieber was nailed for DUI by cops who were desperate to bust him for ANYTHING ... so says music mogul Jermaine Dupri who claims he and Bieber are both victims of celeb profiling by the Miami Beach PD.


Dupri tells TMZ it's no secret people openly smoke weed in Miami clubs ... so he thinks cops know there's a good chance anyone leaving a nightspot -- like Bieber last week -- will smell like pot.

Of course, we guess it depends on what club you're going to where you come home reeking of pot. Cigarette smoke sure, but there's lots of places on the beach where people are too busy rolling and snorting lines to be smoking.

But does this mean MBPD are profiling celebs? Does two incident make a trend? The same department was after all widely criticized in 2012 for failing to arrest singer Chris Brown after he allegedly stole a fans iPhone outside a South Beach club.

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