Jeff Ireland's Contact Info on Twitter: It Was Bad for Him

Hell hath no fury like an angry Twitter mob. The place is just downright mean sometimes, and the last thing you want is said mob armed with your personal contact information.


That very, very unfortunate thing happened last night to Jeff Ireland, and as you can imagine, this didn't turn out well for him. Fans have been voicing their displeasure with the future ex-GM of the Miami Dolphins for years, but last night they stumbled upon an opportunity to fax, email, or directly call his office with their, um, suggestions, after a fan on Twitter passed around a picture of an autographed Jeff Ireland business card they found, complete with a stamp of authenticity. DOH! Bad move, Jeffy!

The tweet and pictures of the business card in question have since been pulled from Twitter, but not before lots of damage had already been done by the #FIRELAND crowd.

I'm no fan of taking sports so seriously that you intrude on someone's family, but this seems harmless, really. By all accounts, none of the pranksters got hold of anyone at the facility -- it was later than 10 p.m., after all -- so it seems the worst to come out of this is a secretary having to push "1 for delete" 4,000 times. Well, other than that "Balloon Porn" newsletter Ireland is now signed up for.

Fans are such assholes, right, Jeff?

UPDATE: Someone purchased the Jeff Ireland business card on eBay for $33.

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