Jeb Bush's PAC Made a Very Strange Marco Rubio "Boots" Music Video

Jeb Bush's PAC Made a Very Strange Marco Rubio "Boots" Music Video

The Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. the FEC paved the way for super PACs — independent political action committees that could collect unlimited donations and spend as much as they want in pursuit of their goals. Some people predicted the development could forever ruin democracy as we knew it, but Jeb Bush, the biggest single benefactor of a super PAC this presidential election cycle, is sitting in sixth place in the Republican primary. 

The Bush-aligned PAC Right to Rise has raised more than $100 million this cycle. But what are they spending it on? Apparently, some funds are going toward truly bizarre music videos designed to attack Marco Rubio. 

Ha-ha! Get it? Because Rubio was spotted wearing those fancy high-heeled boots in New Hampshire last week

One of the limits placed on super PACs is that they're not allowed to coordinate with the candidates or their official campaigns, so Jeb himself didn't sign off on this creation. (But we wouldn't be all that surprised if he had.)

At the moment, Right to Rise seems to be particularly obsessed with tearing down Rubio. Yesterday, the following attack ad was uploaded to the PAC's YouTube page. This one also hits Rubio, albeit in a slightly less ridiculous manner. 

And the PAC produced this one last week: 

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