Jeb Bush Slow Jammed the News with Jimmy Fallon
Courtesy of The Tonight Show

Jeb Bush Slow Jammed the News with Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, television's premier place for people more famous than they are funny, played host to newly minted presidential candidate Jeb Bush last night, and the former Florida governor did more than just sit on the couch for an interview. He joined Fallon for a special edition of Slow Jam the News, a sketch that President Barack Obama had previously participated in

"Hello, I'm Jeb Bush and I'd like to slow jam this news," said Bush as he made a surprise appearance. The Roots, who look beyond thrilled, then strike up some smooth R&B for America's most famous political brother to deliver some smooth spoken word over. 

Oddly, the whole thing comes off more like an off-beat paid campaign ad than it does an actual comedy piece. 

"Well, in my two terms as governor, I cut taxes every year," says Bush at one point. "passed the first statewide school choice system, and created 1.3 million new jobs — the most in the country. So I know we can fix the problems facing the nation, because I've already done it during my eight years in Florida." 

"Mmm, mmm, mmmm," croons Fallon in response. "You've got to listen to my man Jebediah, he's got lots of experience down South," he continues, before making some penis jokes.

Bush later sat down for a proper interview where he discussed his Spanish-speaking habits and drank a glass of Puerto Rican coquito. 

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