Jeb Bush Predicts Crist Will Finish Third, New Poll Shows Him in Lead

Now that Jeb Bush doesn't have to share a party with Charlie Crist, he's letting his true thoughts on the made who proceeded him in the governor's chair known. Talking to the Weekly Standard, Bush doesn't spare much.

"He doesn't have a set of guiding principles to share with people. This is a year where people want you to say what your core beliefs are, and painting in brighter, bolder colors instead of pastels is the way to go. Which is very encouraging to me personally," says Bush.

Bush also predicts that Crist will finish third behind both Marco Rubio (Bush's predicted winner) and Kendrick Meek.

Funny thing is, the pastels seems to be working for Crist just fine at the moment (on a sartorial note, the lighter colors offset his bold tan by the way). A new poll shows that he has the edge in the senate race, beating out both Rubio and a badly trailing Meek. The same poll shows that on issues he has taken a stance on, he seems to be more inline with the population than his former party.

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