Jeb Bush Nets a Whopping Six Percent in Republican Presidential Poll

Jeb Bush is only 56. That's down right youthful in Republican politician terms. So much life ahead of him, that one. But what will he fill it with? That seems to be the question. He declined to run for Senate. A third-term as governor is nothing more than a fairy tale. What about those whispers that he'll run for president one day? 

If that's really Jeb's deepest desires he has a lot of work cut out in front of him. A recent CNN poll of Republicans suggests only 6 percent of the party want him to be their nominee in 2012. 

Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney tie for first place with about 21% of the party's support each. Really Republicans? Romeny we understand, but Huckabee and Palin? This poll is certainly good news for President Obama.

Newt Gingrich also scores 13% of the vote. We're not sure if Charlie Crist was specifically mentioned or not, but everyone else got lumped in with the "others" and only netted 10% combined. 

More disturbing to us, is that none of these candidates are exactly moderates. Meaning, they all have little hope for appealing to the moderate and independent voters that Republicans desperately need to win. 

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