Jeb Bush Just Embarrassed Marco Rubio With His Latest Endorsements

Jeb Bush may be behind Trump in the polls, but one things he's certainly leading in is nabbing endorsements in Florida. Even fellow Floridian Marco Rubio can't touch Bush in that respect. 

In fact, today Bush announced a new bunch of endorsements that seem almost designed to embarrass Rubio. 

Remember how Rubio was the former speaker of the Florida House? Yeah, well Bush just announced that he has the endorsement of almost every other speaker of the Florida house from the past 20 years. 

That list includes current congressmen Daniel Webster, who became the first Republican to serve as Florida's House Speaker since 1874 when the GOP took over Tallahassee in 1996.

"I've known Jeb Bush for three decades, served alongside him in Florida, and witnessed his tenacious, hands-on approach to government reform," says Thrasher. "Jeb has strong executive experience and it is an honor to endorse him as a principled leader with a proven conservative record."

The list continues to include John Thrasher, Tom Feeney, Allan Bense,  Larry Cretul, Dean Cannon, Will Weatherford, and current speaker Steve Crisafulli. 

In fact, there are only three living Republicans who have served in the office missing from the list: Rubio himself (obviously), Johnny Byrd (a Rubio mentor), and Ray Sansom (who ended up resigning in disgrace before ever getting a chance to preside over a session of the house).

The announcement seems directly designed to embarrass Rubio. This isn't a list of former Senate presidents or state attorney generals or CFOs. It's a list of the men (yes, all men, but that's another story altogether, isn't it?) who served in the same office through which Rubio came to prominence. 

One might look at the current polls and figure Bush might be better off targeting Donald Trump and Ben Carson, but Bush clearly wants to continue to improve his stronghold on Florida's GOP establishment ... and their deep-pocketed donors. 

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