Jeb Bush Has 99 Problems: Seriously, Here They Are

In many ways, Jeb Bush is sitting pretty. He's the only major 2016 candidate who has publicly announced he's actively exploring a presidential run and is busy hauling in cash for his Right to Rise PAC. He's sitting atop many national polls of GOP contenders, and the media has anointed him the early fundraising leader.

The main flaw of all this Jeb-for-president talk, however, is that the bored national political media has little else to do besides jabber and write about Jeb Bush. In the two months since he announced he's exploring a run, countless ink has been spilled on Bush's political, personal, and business past and analyzing any campaign pitfalls that may come his way. On one hand, it's good for Jeb to get all of this out of the way early. On the other hand, it provides a convenient playbook for any of his would-be rivals on how to attack him.

How much scrutiny has Bush already faced? It didn't take us long to round up 99 problems already written about Bush's potential path to the White House.

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Kyle Munzenrieder