Jeb Bush and Manny Diaz Tapped to Serve on Mayor Bloomberg's Charity Board

Unfortunately for ex-Florida Gov. Job Bush and former Miami mayor Manny Diaz, they didn't have enough money, clout or the proper political climate to get an exemption to term limits and run a third time. A man who did, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has chosen them to serve on the board of his charity foundation.

Bloomberg is so loaded he spent $157.27 of his own money per vote on his recent re-election campaign. When you've got that much money, you just don't cut checks to your favorite charities. You start your own foundation and get important people to serve on its board to help doll it out. He gave out $254 million last year alone.

Diaz, in his position of President of the US Conference of Mayors, went up to New York and endorsed Bloomberg last Fall.

Meanwhile, sources tell us Miami's current mayor Tomas Regalado, who claims he has a net-worth of just $5,000, recently spared a nickel for a guy on the street.

No word on whether Diaz will convince Bloomberg to classify the city of Miami as a charity case and help it avoid budget turmoil.

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