Jason Wu Target "Vulture" Says He's Donating Clothes to Charity UPDATE

When designer Jason Wu's limited edition collection for Target went on sale earlier this month, a couple at the Midtown Miami Target store rampaged their way through the clothing section and made off with a large chunk of the collection. The story and accompanying YouTube video made blog headlines all across the Internet, and many figured they were planning to sell the clothes for marked up prices on eBay.

Now, one half of the couple, Kevin Wills -- AKA DJ Midas -- tells Riptide he never planned to resell the clothes for a profit. Instead he says he plans to sell the clothes at a charity event benefiting Dress for Success.

"I like doing charity stuff," he says. "I like going to the ghetto and passing stuff out of my car."

So a few weeks before the launch of the Jason Wu collection he claims he got an idea to grab as many of the clothes he could with a plan to give them away for charity. Along with his girlfriend he was the first to arrive at Target that morning and says it took them about 40 seconds to load up each cart.The total bill once he was done: Just under $5,300.

Unsurprisingly the rest of the shoppers weren't too pleased, and a mini-fiasco broke out.

"One lady dug her nails into me and made me bleed," he says. "She slammed her cart into my leg."

Wills says he overheard other shoppers talking about plans to resell the clothing anyway, so he didn't feel too bad about his actions. He also says he made sure to leave a few of each item behind, and let some of the more polite shoppers take items they wanted from his cart.

"I was so upset by the way they acted I didn't want to appease them by telling them that what I was doing was for charity."

So now Wills has unveiled his grand charitable plans: a March 4th event at the Stage to benefit Dress for Success.

After purchasing a $10 entrance ticket each participant will be entered into a raffle to win one of 14 Jason Wu for Target scarfs. If $5,000 is raised before the event, the rest of the clothing will be donated directly to Dress for Success. If not, event goers will be able to shop the collection. Pieces will sell for sticker price plus taxers, but shoppers are expected to make an additional charitable donation.

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