Jason Taylor Says Jets More "Calm," "Positive" Than Dolphins

In 1997, when Bill Parcells was engineering a turnaround of the New York Jets, the New York Times said he was a man of two sides. One that was "loyal, brilliant, passionate, caring and uncomplicated," and another that was "bullying, manipulative, nasty and extremely complex." Parcells' professional style is notoriously bipolar, and that can lead to a tense atmosphere.

To hear former Dolphins star Jason Taylor, who saw the latter side firsthand in his experiences with Parcells, tell it, it seems that it doesn't make for the most pleasant or positive working conditions. While pro football isn't exactly the place to find positive vibe and happy thoughts, it seems that Taylor is a hell of a lot happier far, far away from Big Tuna.

From the New York Post :

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[Taylor] called the atmosphere under coach Rex Ryan compared with the Bill Parcells regime in Miami, "like night and day."

"Everything here is a little more relaxed," he said. "It's whole different vibe in building. I don't want to call it relaxed like its lackadaisical, but it's a little more positive and little more calm.

"Rex's attitude and enthusiasm trickles down. What I thought would be a tough transition has been seamless."

Taylor also said, despite his well-documented hatred for all things NY Jets, the transition has been smooth and that the team has been welcoming.

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