Jason Taylor Headed to the Jets: Who Betrayed Whom?

The saga of Jason Taylor's off-season has finally come to an end. The linebacker -- who spent 12 seasons with the Dolphins (six of those as a Pro Bowler), was active in the South Florida community, and was one of the franchise's most popular players, even during low points -- is set to join the roster of the New York Jets, the Fins' most hated rival. 

ESPN reports Taylor plans to sign a two-year contract with that crude blob of a coach Rex Ryan's team, with the first year netting him as much as $3.75 million, with $2.5 million guaranteed. That's much better than the $1.1 million he received last year with the Dolphins after a short stint with the Redskins. Many believe Taylor's loyalty to the team and city played a part in his decision to take the reduced salary. 

Something stings here, though, and it's hard to surmise who betrayed whom.

Taylor is, yes, headed to a team whose fans he has publicly berated and will force a fan base who has rooted for him most of his career to root against him, all for the chance at making more money and prolonging his already lengthy career. On the flip side, there was little indication that Dolphins Vice President Bill Parcells or coach Tony Sparano had wanted Taylor back or treated him like the fan favorite he was. They reportedly refused to meet with Taylor and wouldn't make an offer until after this week's draft. 

Fans will certainly be said to see Taylor go, especially to that New Jersey ratpack he's headed to, but we're not sure if they should be more angry at Taylor himself or Parcells. 

Hell, fans are the only ones really screwed in this. Taylor gets a cool few mill. Parcells gets to save some salary room, and fans are stuck hoping that they aren't put in the uncomfortable place of seeing Taylor contribute to a Dolphins loss to the Jets next season. 

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