Jason Taylor Drags His Feet on Decision

Jason Taylor is like the pretty girl at the High School prom who used to go steady with the prom king (The Dolphins), and showed up single just in case there was a chance they could rekindle it. But The Dolphins seem taken with the hot new exchange student at the moment (Brandon Marshall). Sure, there's that greaser kid with the patchy mustache who showed up in an over-sized, powder blue polyester suit and has a bitching Camero with an airbrushed tiger on the front in the parking lot (The Jets) who is flirting hard with JT, but he smells kind of funny and JT wants to make sure the Dolphins totally aren't interested before he resigns himself to that.

Yeah, Taylor left the country for a prearranged family vacation yesterday and says he won't make a decision until he comes back, supposedly on Monday. The Dolphins for there part say they won't make a decision on Taylor until after the draft (gotta check out that hot freshman tail, first). So this saga will continue at least until next week. [Herald]

  • Greg Cote thinks Marshall bring the "biggest and most engaging" personality the Fins have had in a long time. Um, Cote, do you even remember Joey Porter? Sure, he may not have been super "engaging," but his personality was anything but small. [Herald]
  • Meanwhile, Greg Stoda thinks Marshall should tone down that personality, at least, off the field. [PBPost]
  • Looking to bolster their schedule next year, 'Canes basketball is now in discussion to play West Virginia. [PBPost]
  • Michael Beasley is preparing to match-up against Boston's Kevin Garnett. [SunSent]

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