Japanese McDonald's Introduces "Miami Burger" Which is Actually a Taco Burger

You're driving home from South Beach over the Julia Tuttle Causeway after a long night out, and once you get to Biscayne, you're struck with a dreaded choice: Do you want to make a late-night meal of McDonald's burger or Taco Bell's tacos?

It is a decision that racks us all, but soon Japanese consumers will no longer have to make that decision. McDonald's Japanese restaurant will introduce some sort of bizarre taco/burger hybrid, and they're for some reason calling it the Miami Burger.

Tacos are obviously Mexican fare, and while Miami loves a good taco, we're usually known for Latin food other than of the Mexican variety. We're at least not identified with tacos on an international stage, but maybe Japenese fast food executives think all Hispanic Americans are the same. Who knows?

Lots of Americans get ripped for appropriating and misrepresenting Japanese culture (How ya doing, Gwen Stefani?), but we're not so sure the Japanese are any more careful when appropriating ours. You know the discussion went something like, "Hey, we've got this taco burger and we need to name it after an American city, which one has lots of Latins?"

The Miami Burger features cheese, tortilla chips, shredded lettuce, and taco meat with a spicy tomato chili sauce. Yes, it is ground beef topped with ground beef.

The burger will be available from mid-February to mid-March across Japan and is part of the restaurant's "Big America" campaign. The campaign will also feature burgers named after Idaho, Manhattan, and Texas.

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