Janet Whisby Barr Arrested for Hiring Hitman to Kill Her Husband in 2003

In 2003, a man came up to Jeffrey Ricardo Barr outside of his home in North Miami and shot him in the head, leaving Barr dead on the sidewalk. For years, his murder remained a mystery, but now, eight years later, police have arrested his wife, Janet Whisby Barr, claiming that she arranged for a hitman to kill her husband so she could collect the insurance money.

The couple had been together since the late '80s, but Barr's family never got along with his wife.

"From the day Jeff was killed, everyone assumed she set the whole thing up," his sister told The Miami Herald of the soft-spoken Winn-Dixie warehouse worker and father of three. "He had no enemies."

Barr was preparing to leave his wife in the weeks before the murder and had even started moving some of his belongings out of the home.

Police, too, had suspected Janet might have had something to do with the murder but never found enough evidence to press charges.

Then, in 2009, Janet's cousin William Lewis Taylor, then jailed in Escambia County, told police that she had originally approached him to kill her husband for the insurance money. She also told Taylor that Jeff was abusing her. However, Taylor refused to pull off the crime.

Instead, Janet found Javon Robinson, also known as "J-Loo," who eventually carried out the hit. Janet and Javor drove together in a car as they approached the Barr's duplex before Javor shot her husband.

Now both have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

[via Herald]

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