Me and Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee Rocks

We're a jaded bunch here at the Miami New Times. Our city has been a celebrity mecca for so long that the antics of the rich and famous no longer hold much fascination. But celebrities who actually use their fame to positive ends always pique our interest.

Case in point, Jamie Lee Curtis. The renowned actress was one of the best interviews I have had. Instead of boasting about the films she's made, or the A-list circles she moves in, Jamie dropped knowledge on ageless beauty, the true meaning of fame, and the importance of doing good deeds in life. The pixie-haired actress first disarmed me by referring to herself as a "loser." "I have no formal education of any note. I barely got through high school. I am the classic underachiever. So on paper, I am a loser. But in my heart, and in what I do, I am a real success. That's what I'm trying to teach my kids, that success is about self-worth, and you get that by doing esteemable acts," she said.

I have a hard time imagining Paris Hilton or any of the current crop of attention-seeking starlets making a similar confession.

Jamie's esteemable acts come in the form of wonderfully illustrated children's books, which she has created along with artist Laura Cornell. She came to town to promote her seventh book, Is There Really A Human Race? and after our remarkable conversation, Jamie insisted that I come to the event and "have a moment" with her.

Normally I am an infamous homebody, but I attended the Books & Books event at Temple Judea last Friday morning. Jamie was just as sweet and encouraging in person. Not only did she say that I was one of the best interviewers she's ever had, but she went on to share all sorts of glowing compliments in front of Books & Books owner Mitchell Kaplan and Events and Marketing Co-ordinator, Cristina Nosti — my former boss and close friend. Forgive me for blushing, but it was a really proud full-circle moment. My nerves were too a-twitter to say anything at the time, but Jamie Lee, you rocked my world. And I loved you in Blue Steel!-Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.