Jacory Harris Fourth in Heisman Poll: Time to Start Pressing that Pimp Suit?

Before the season began, Jacory Harris promised he'd wear a pink pimp suit to accept the Heisman trophy. Which was funny because (a) pimp suits are always funny and (b) there was no way Harris was actually going to win it this year, right?

But with the Miami Hurricanes' 2-0 start against ranked opponents and standout play by the cool-headed Harris, the talk seems less ridiculous. The first Scripps Howard Heisman poll (formerly run by the dearly departed Rocky Mountain News) puts Jacory fourth on the list. 

Florida Gators senior Tim Tebow (and amateur circumcision surgeon) leads the poll, followed by California junior RB Jahvid Best and Texas senior QB Colt McCoy. 

OK, so Harris is going to have to put in a hell of a performance to reach Heisman glory this year, but unlike everyone else in front of him, he's only a sophomore. Meaning we might see a sudden resurgence of pimp-suit fashion in December 2010 (or maybe 2011 if, God willing, he doesn't enter the NFL draft before then). 

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