It's Unbelievable: Marlins Are 11-1

Deep breaths, people, deep breaths.Yes, the Florida Marlins have the best record in the MLB. Yes, we're 11-1.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, though, it's worth noting six of those wins come at the expense of the Nationals, who are shaping up to be the 2007 Dolphins of 2009 baseball. But we've also cleaned up against stronger teams such as the Mets and the Braves, so it's not a complete fluke.

Our next series kicks off tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Their preseason odds of winning the World Series were 200-1, second in horribleness only to the Nationals. So thanks to the luxury of easy, early-season series, it's not totally unimaginable that we could see this streak continued to 14-1 or at least 13-2. However, the Priates have picked up series against the Braves and the Cardinals, so they won't be total pushovers. Then after that, it's back home to face the Phillies, who were tipped to have a strong season. So far, though, they're the only team this year that has lost to the Nationals.

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