It Has Come To This: Dolphins vs Jets

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets, Sunday Dec 28th 4:15pm on CBS

Somewhere on this very blog earlier in the season I quipped something about how betting against the Dolphins was a more sound investment than anything the stock market has to offer. Well, guess what? I took my advice and now I am a poor, poor man. Sorry family, all your Christmas gifts were found on the side of Biscayne Blvd. 

I mean, Look where these Dolphins are now! They are playing against this Jet team for a chance to take the AFC East and enter the playoffs for the first time since 2001 ...with the Jets old QB, none the less. 

The Dolphins are on a streak, and the Jets have been playing horribly. The last thing they want is to lose to the Dolphins, though the second to last thing they want is to see the Pats enter the playoffs, which would happen if the Fins lose and the Pats win. So Jets, please, please concentrate more on your hate of New England than the secret shame you have of yourself for ditching Pennington for some old guy. Directing hate outwards is so much more healthy. 

Odds makers and fortune tellers have it both ways, but almost every one predicts a close game. Could be a classic. 

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