Isiah Thomas Makes GQ's List of 20 Most Despicable Coaches

The only thing surprising about Isiah Thomas coming in 20th on GQ's list of the 20 most despicable coaches of all time is that the magazine somehow found 19 coaches more despicable than he is.

GQ rounds up all of his greatest hits:

Knicks fans learned of his complex views on race and gender. (It was okay that he called the female exec a "bitch," for example, because they were both black, which must have provided immunity for calling her a  "fucking ho" as well.) After Thomas was fired in 2008, a financial magazine estimated that his failings cost the Knicks $187 million. Six months later, he lied to reporters after he'd overdosed on Lunesta, saying his visit to the hospital was due to his 17-year-old daughter. Stay classy, Zeke.

What GQ fails to mention is something we know all too well: Thomas is now influencing young minds as head coach of FIU's basketball programing.

No other South Florida coaches make the list, but Bill Parcells gets name-checked as a "run-of-the-mill a-hole," which in this piece is actually a compliment. Fins fans might also take pleasure in Bill Belichick making the list.

Sadly, GQ's illustration of Thomas as "I-Say-'Ho' Thomas" didn't make the online version, so you might want to pick up the issue for that (and discover 'The 7 biggest style mistakes guys make' as a special bonus).

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.