Is This The Most Horrifically Over Photoshopped South Florida Magazine Cover Ever?

We were just over at the closest super market to our office trying to pick up a snack, but ended up too horrified to eat when we got a glimpse of the magazine rack. Hold back on the photoshop Simply The Best magazine, because whatever you're doing is downright disturbing. 

Simply The Best

is a Boca Raton-based luxury rag that claims it "reaches South Florida's most affluent residents from Vero Beach to Miami Beach." This is their latest cover: 

Is that supposed to be a human on the cover? Is that some sort of real doll type thing? A CGI animation? It can't be a drag queen, because even they look more natural than that.

Ah, indeed, the mag credits the model as Next Models Miami's Camille Opp, and while on the cover she may look like a 45 year-old who just left a Boca plastic surgeons office, her official online portfolio makes her look like she's a high school freshman.

This is apparently the same person: So, is this the most horrifically over-photoshopped South Florida magazine cover ever? 

Depends on what you think of Simply The Best's other covers.

Here's model Daniela Lopez on the previous cover of STB:

Here she is in another recent magazine:

Yet another recent cover:
And the same model from another source:

And the trend continues for literally every cover this magazine has put out. This cover model isn't listed correctly within the magazine, but we can't imagine she looks anything like this in real life. Humans just do not look like this:So, seriously STB, stop turning naturally pretty young girls into horrifying real dolls that look like they're modeled after over-botoxed  40 year-olds. That may indeed be the market for a Boca-based magazine, but this is just not right. 

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