Is The Hillary Clinton Cult Up For Another Dissapointment?

Oh, Hillary Clinton. She's a bonafide superstar deserving of a continued media frenzy (unlike, say, another recent failed candidate) whose inspired a rabid political fanbase through out the country. Maybe it's because she represented a certain brand of feminism and the real redefinition of marriage in this country - that wives can be just as successful, smart and accomplished as their husbands. Maybe she's just a talented politician, with speeches that inspire. Whatever it is, outside of President-elect Obama she and her husband have one of the biggest political followings in America.

So now comes the news that she may be under consideration for the top Cabinet job, Secretary of State. Could this just be another disappointment for the Clintonistas? After coming so close to becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major political party, there was the possibility, grounded more in her supporter's hopes than reality, that she could end up as VP. Then there was that smaller scale rumor that she had asked Obama for an eventual Supreme Court nomination in exchange for her general election support only to be turned down. Now she's again in the mix for a huge position in the executive branch. One that if denied, could open old wounds amongst her supporters, but more importantly, and if these rumors are correct and she actually wants the job could deepen what seemed like a healed rift between Obama and her.

If she goes home empty handed come appointment time she'll still have her seat in the Senate. She's not going to try and undermine Obama at every turn, but come on, she couldn't resist using her power, if only just once, to give a big "F U" to Obama, especially after he's done little in the way of helping her pay of her campaign debts.

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If Clinton actually wants the job and Obama has shown signs he's intereste, Obama better offer it to her at this point. This woman and her supporters can only take so much disappointment, and hell hath no fury like a woman and her rabid fan base scorned.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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